The People’s Market is a platform for local artisans and crafters aged 17 to 93 years to get their goods to the people. The PM is a co-operative market designed to bring fine works of art to locals whether they live here in the community or are merely passing through our little piece of heaven. The local artisans often use our scenery and finger lakes settings to create their works. They offer a wide array of items from pottery to photography to hand made items.The artists and crafters sell their goods and also have the option to work at the PM 4 hours a month to lower their consignment rate. For this reason you may wander into The People’s Market and find someone felting, knitting, or even spinning some local fiber from area farms.

The Market has a bulletin board where it displays a “featured artisan” who is a vendor in the store. It also has community events posted and regularly contributes to local events.

The People’s Market was created by Jay and Carol Engels in order to bring their alpaca farm (Angel Tree Alpaca Farm) fiber and products to a store front. They realized that They didn’t have enough content for a store on their own. The community has a lot of talent which can be seen at local craft shows etc…and they believed they could help people to sell their items year round rather than packing them way in a bin until the next show or event. At the same time Jay Engels, CPA (Engels Accounting) was in the process of bringing his business to a more convenient location for his clients. They figured what better way to make it successful…by bringing the businesses all together in order to support each other. What better way to do that then supporting each other by buying local.

Engels Accounting is also located in a separate space within the store. It enables employees to work for both businesses supporting both while mixing with the local regulars! So when the door chimes you will most likely see Jay or a vendor supporting the businesses. We look forward to your visit!