Dear People’s Market Patrons we are so excited to report that we have a new product by a “local” at The Market…sweet corn tortilla chips!

These chips were created and founded by Cam Sheldrake who at the age of 6 began working on his parents vegetable farm in Ithaca NY  (Early Bird Farm). “OFF THE COB” makes tortilla chips with organic white and yellow corn mixed with sweet corn. Only 1% of the corn grown in the US is of the sweet variety-all others are field (otherwise known as cow corn). Whereas field corn is dried on the stalk so it can be harvested by combines, sweet corn is higher in moisture, lower in starch and higher in sugar so it must be harvested immediately at peak maturation”.  For more information go to their website at

These chips tortilla are whole grain and certified GLUTEN FREE!  We have had these fabulous tortilla chips and stand by them…they are wonderful!