Locally produced natural foods for your family (and pets)!


Local cheeses from the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail

Pembroke Harvest and Honey, Marjorie Pryse,  serving up More than just HONEY!

Locally produced honey from Pembroke Lane… Bees have a 3-5 mile forraging area from their hives which are located a mile from the store… the bees may be right outside the door pollinating our flowers! It doesn’t get more local than that! Marjorie Pryse has a wonderful little set-up down on Pembroke… she enjoys caring for her bees and uses no chemicals in the her hives. She has glass jars, plastic bottles and adorable 12 oz. bear bottles. She also supplies the market with her Dilly Beans, Bread and Butter Pickles and Cranberry Beets! Her latest addition is a Spicy Brown Mustard and a delicious Honey Mustard.

Jam /Jellies

Locally produced by Craig Kukuk. Wonderful flavors like: blueberry, peach, current, strawberry, blackberry, tomato lavender, gooseberry, and Raspberry! You will also find Apple Butter and Peach Butter on the shelves!

Granola, Finger Lakes Baking Co.

Kathy Maxson is the sole proprietor of The Finger Lakes Baking Co. She supplies the Market with fresh granola…the most chewy, delicious GLUTEN FREE granola you will ever taste! Her slogan is granola…to feed your sole…and it does! We frequently have small sample cups on the counter of The People’s Market so next time you are in stop and try a sample of this delectible treat!
Kathy is famous for her gourmet cupcakes which can be ordered through The People’s Market for your convenience in regular and mini sizes! Perfect for your party big or small!
Berry Farms Organic Crop Farm, Genoa NY.  John and Sjana Berry
Featuring Organic Beef, organic sunflower oil, organic popcorn and organic navy beans!
PS Salsa, Patti Schenk
An unbelieveably sweet wonderful salsa…so good it can be eaten by the spoon fulls! Goes great with our sweet corn tortilla chips!

Off The Cobb Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips

The brain child of a local from Earlybird Farm family member!
Schoolyard Sugarbush Maple Syrup Products, Don Weed and family
We usually have a small supply of maple syrup in decorative bottles, maple candy and maple cream.

Angel Tree Farm (Alpaca fiber and eggs!) Locally produced eggs by Lansing chickens!

Suppliers of the alpaca fiber of course but also the Farm fresh eggs. Eggs are brought in daily to the store and are normally no more than 48 hours old. Because we have only been able to get our hens to lay one egg a day we have a limited supply but will do our best to always have a few dozen eggs in the store. (Unfortunatley,the eggs have a season and will dwindle as the weather turns cold and there are less daylight hours! ) The chickens have an indoor outdoor portion of the barn and are kept in the pen (for their safety at night) until they have laid their eggs for the day. They are collected daily from clean nesting boxes and at that point we open the doors and allow them to free range on the farm. We feed no additives or hormones to our hens.

Dedrick Farm Black Oil Sunflower seeds for your birds and pets, Matthew Dedrick

Red Jacket (Geneva)

Apricot Butter

Bo’s BONES…only the best for the dog you love!

Gourmet organic dog biscuits  (Etna, NY)